Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions on ZOOMWAREHOUSE.
For questions abot GSA purchases please refer to the GSA Terms and Conditions
    Sales Process & Purchase
  • Q: How and when can I register on the site?
    A: Visitors to the site can view all vehicles without registering but must register on the site before placing a bid. Click the Register Free! link and provide your information to register at any time.
  • Q: Where does the inventory on the ZOOMWAREHOUSE site come from?
    A: Much of the inventory is sourced from corporate and municipal fleets. Additionally, you may also find financial institution repossessions, dealer inventory and manufacturer or bank off-lease vehicles.
  • Q: How does the bidding and buying process work?
    A: Most vehicles are posted in an open-bid forum where any registered user can submit a bid. You are also able to establish a proxy bid where your bid will automatically increase incrementally above the highest bid until you either win the bid or the price reaches your maximum bid amount. Some vehicles will also have a "Buy It Now" price which allows you to make an instant purchase.
  • Q: Can I retract my bid once it has been submitted?
    A: No, once a bid is submitted you have entered into a binding agreement. Allowing bidders to retract bids would penalize other valid bidders.
  • Q: Are any of the vehicles available for a test drive?
    A: Vehicles are not generally made available for viewing or test driving.
  • Q: When is full payment due?
    A: Full payment is required within 5 business days of the winning bid notification (GSA payments due within 2 business days). Credit cards are not accepted for completing the vehicle purchase unless you are purchasing a GSA vehicle.
  • Q: Do I need to have financing in place before I bid on a vehicle?
    A: At the time a winning bid notification is received you will be required to place a non-refundable deposit of $500 on the vehicle (no deposit is required for GSA purchases). You should know if you qualify for a loan before placing your bid, however, you are not required to be pre-approved for a loan to bid on vehicles.
  • Q: What financing options are available?
    A: While you can work with any lender to provide financing for your purchase we recommend our finance partner Innovative Funding Services (IFS). IFS is a full spectrum lender that provides financing online and over the phone while you communicate from the comfort of your home or office. For more information on IFS please visit
  • Q: Do you offer vehicle service agreements?
    A: Yes, we offer access to vehicle service agreements through our finance partner IFS.
  • Q: If I purchase a vehicle in another city how do I transport it to my home?
    A: If you are unable to pick up the vehicle yourself you can contract with a transportation company to deliver the vehicle. Choose the following link for more information or to obtain a quote: Flexco Transportation.
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